Vintage Signage

On a recent meander around Brooklyn, New York, in an attempt to soak up the first rays of sunshine that have graced the earth with its presence after many long months, I stumbled upon an ancient looking street sign hidden behind a garden of greenery. The sign read “Marlborough Road,” and indeed stood on the intersection of Marlborough and Albemarle streets. After some googling, I further discovered that the sign perhaps stood since the creation of the now flourishing Brooklyn community. Whether or not the sign served as an actual street sign, or else just a symbolic representation of the community’s establishment is unclear, however the sign’s existence is certainly significant to the affluent neighborhood surrounding Prospect Park.
This sighting was indeed a stimulating one, inspiring me to share the uniqueness of various forms of ancient business signs, reflecting on their inherent charm, in comparison to the rigid, insipid New York signs of today…


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