Signs to do away with the Monday blues

Mondays are kind of the least favorite day of the week. Monday is the start to what seems to be a never ending flow of work days, with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. The work load seems too intimidating, and a positive work environment seems too much to ask. The weekend party turns into the weekday blues, and one may even consider smiling an unmanageable task.
It’s on days such as today, where summertime doesn’t necessarily mean summer vacation, and the working class continues to slave away well into the heat of July; that many find themselves procrastinating in their workspace, rather than remaining productive.
Random tabs begin to appear on one’s home screen, in an attempt to distract oneself from the task at hand- perhaps that is even how this page came to rest before you. And so, in an attempt to support one’s few moments of distraction- Eagle Master Signs has come to provide you with some good old witty signage, contributing some entertainment to your lousy work day.
Cheers, to a speedy weekend!

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