Signs right over the head

Amid my travels over the passed few years, I’ve discovered a phenomena that never fails to amuse me. I refer to the use of caution road signs to warn passerby’s of imminent danger, which are posted only in the language used by the locals, making it impossible for any tourists in these tourist-towns to comprehend, and shield themselves from whatever unpleasantness lay ahead.
In the presence of a sign presented in Deutsch reading “falling rock zone” or the like, one is simply forced to conclude that the life of an ignorant tourist is simply not as valued as that of the men and women whom can actually read and heed to the warnings displayed. Farewell to all of those tourists, exchange students, and businessmen whom haven’t bothered to Rosetta Stone it up, and find themselves sliding down a hallways that was clearly marked in Portuguese “caution, slippery when wet.”


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