Lyft your glass to signage!

Many have heard of Lyft, a new mobile application which has created a person to person transportation network in America. What makes the company so unique is far from their easy-to-use application and the hassle-free connection of a person in need of a ride, with another whom has the use of a car.
Perhaps the most notable feature, which makes Lyft the success that it is, outstanding among its competitors; is its means of advertisement. Lyft billboards can be seen sprinkled all over major cities, and typically stand-out in that they display large paragraphs in pink lettering, containing far too many words for a driver passing at the typical speed of the free-way to read. And in this way, the Lyft billboards spike your curiosity and leave you wanting more.
There is always something to be said in regard to unique and creative signage. When building signs and sign designs stand out for their colors, content, and individualism, they achieve their ultimate goal of leaving a lasting impression on their viewer, and eventually encourage their target market to turn to their specific product, when in need.
Since you probably have never been able to finish reading a complete Lyft ad when passing by one on the highway, the collection below is here to help.
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