Logo Signs you've seen

There are many aspects involved in making a building sign or company logo most memorable. Consider the following collection of business logos, perhaps all of which are familiar to you. What is it about each logo that has made it a standout among the millions of road signs, newspaper ads, and billboards seen across America today? What does it take to create a logo so impactful that its presence alone signifies a specific store front, brand, or company name? Indeed, no one answer is the ultimate solution. Rather, a successful logo can be formed by adhering to a collection of concepts.
Firstly, to create effective signage it is necessary that one’s logo should easily stand out among competitor businesses. Contrary to one’s Kindergarten teacher’s preaching, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery in this case. Creating a similar logo to a rival company will minimize the effect that both brands imagery will have in their marketing attempts.
Next, the graphics and colors on a logo should be chosen with purpose so as to create a distinct, extraordinary image, whose color portrays an intended vibe or ambiance, or will evoke a specific feeling.
Most importantly, it is imperative that one’s logo remain fairly simple in content while simultaneously making a statement. Save all of the catchy slogans, glittering fonts, and other distracting imagery for the magazine advertisements. When it comes to an image which will be memorable, less is certainly more!
Observe how the following companies utilized the previously mentioned theories and reflect on the result being a most enduring impression.

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