Foreign Signs

Spending the past few weeks traveling around the U.S and the world has really given me a deep appreciation for my native tongue, and for the simple ability of being able to read, write, and speak it fluently. And even more so- of being surrounded by a language which I so easily understand.
Recently, I spent some time in Germany, and than England. The difference in my overall experience in the two places can simply not be compared. Where there was beauty in one, there was beauty in another, and the entertainment, accommodations, and people varied, yet all of those in my overall experience- were the same.
Yet when it came to the spoken language of both destinations, the frustration of asking for directions in one language and getting a response in another one became apparent. The street signs, store fronts, and billboards in Germany all contained combinations of letters and sign designs that seemed completely foreign and illegible, and Google translate thus became the friend I most acquainted with throughout the trip.
Because of this reality in Countries in which one finds his or herself a foreigner, one cannot compare the pleasure of visiting a city such as London, where one is surrounding by humor, music, and signs that all sing to the same tune. In my own travels, my appreciation of London and all of which it offered was indeed greater than that of my Germany trip, as I was capable of truly basking in the culture, and growing acquainted with all it has to offer, without any language barriers.

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