Flags say Friendly

While most businesses choose to identify their store fronts with the traditional business sign, banners and flags add another element to advertisement, with their flexibility in placement, eye catching colors and designs, and reduced costs in materials, printing, and assembly.
Business signs, sales, and notices which are displayed on flags and banners are a welcoming sight in what is usually the dull and unimaginative industry of signage. Banners lend themselves to inexpensive, bold and commanding signage, which require little thought in regard to their placement- as they are easily removable and portable.
Additionally, the placement of flags and banners outside businesses exudes a welcoming and friendly vibe, encouraging the passerby to pause, notice, and perhaps be drawn in.
Eagle Master Signs uses their  renown expertise to create top of the line banners and flags, with the assurance of satisfaction in costumer service, design work and installation.

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