First Signs of Snowfall 2016

Well its finally happening, the first major snowstorm of 2016 is creeping its way toward the East Coast. With over a foot of snow expected, Eagle Master Signs is celebrating this momentous seasonal occurrence by donning on the warmest snow-gear and heading out to sprinkle some salt on the asphalt.
It is important to take precautionary measures before the storm, as it is impossible to predict exactly how intense the storm will be, nor how long the chaos will pursue. Always heed the special inclement weather precautionary road signs, which are set in place to direct traffic and keep everyone as safe as possible.
Perhaps most importantly, be sure to dress warm, stock up on household necessities, and purchase a container of hot cocoa and a bag of fresh marshmallows, so that in the event that un-plowed roads insist on keeping you indoors- at least you will experience a cozy, winter storm to remember.
Have an enjoyable weekend Blizzard experience, and be sure to celebrate the first signs of snowfall, 2016!

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