Desert Signs

Should one ever experience the displeasure of travelling through one hundred plus degrees and miles worth of desert land during the hottest month of the Summer, he or she will find the tiniest of breezes and the skimpiest of shady branches as the most welcome of surprises, the most appreciated of gifts.
As unexpected as a chilly wind passing through the dry land are  directional signage as one passes through the desert. The reason for this is because all of the roadways in the desert seem to lead to nowhere, each just as sandier and as lifeless as the one before it.
On occasion however, unexpected road signs do appear along the dusty pathways. Unexpected both in their presence as well as content. When is the last time you were driving through Manhattan and saw a sign reading “Beware of camels near the road”? Indeed, these signs make their appearance in such places, and never fail to entertain the city-born tourist whose New York street signs consist of crossing hands, traffic lights, and the only warning of an object near the road would be a pothole.
Additionally, the only caution of falling object would be bags of rubbish, and certainly not falling rocks…


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