A New York State of Sign

Those who’ve had the distinct privilege of traveling through the streets of Manhattan during rush hour (specifically, at any point in time) are well acquainted with the perpetual chaos of hollering drivers, honking vehicles, apparent taxi cab conventions, and the subsequent rise of one’s own anxiety and blood pressure. One would assume all traffic signals and lane dividers in the city to be a mere ‘suggestion’ at the sight of those frantic New York City drivers coaxing the sidewalks themselves, to “move it!”
It is not uncommon for one to spend an entire afternoon attempting to get through the over populated streets of Manhattan. Consequently, a little expedition with friends or family will demand some creative, time- passing techniques. Turning up the music, chatting with the crossing guards at the intersections where one could spend half the day making his or her best effort not to “block the box,” and of course taking note of the vast array of building signs, billboards, and the New York traffic signage that so generously cover every viewable square inch.
A large billboard at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel once read, “New York City traffic is a nightmare. Only longer.” New Yorkers are acknowledged for this self-deprecation, which brilliantly attributes to the humor common within their many advertisements. The city’s sign designs are immense; three dimensional, illuminated commercial signage, banners, all with the intention of capturing their viewers’ attention, and logically, to entertain those attempting passivity whilst waiting for the light to change.

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